Monday, 30 March 2015

Do you ever wake up with a song in your head?

Part three of my series of 12 investigative talks with highly creative people is on the way.


In the meantime I have a question that can’t wait  

Do you ever wake up with a song in your head?

Maybe I don’t get out enough, but after hearing Scottish singer songwriter Eddi Reader perform live in Vicar Street Dublin at the end of February, I still often wake to her fabulous voice singing the Robert Burns’ anthem ‘My Love is like a red, red rose.’

I decided to Google the lyrics to be sure they were playing correctly in my head. 

I had no sooner typed  ‘my love’ when up comes ‘My Lovely Horse.’ I rushed, panic stricken, to complete the phrase and to fill my head as fast as possible with a You Tube video of Eddi singing my latest favourite song before Ted and Dougal took over my brain. 

Do you remember that episode of Fr. Ted when Dougal got Eurosong fever and he and Ted composed a dirge called ‘My Lovely Horse?’  That ‘song’ wedged itself into my head for ages after. It still occasionally comes back.  I need help when this happens....

I wonder if it is involuntary  -  is it a random thing - what is it that determines what will get stuck and what will not? 

by Robert Burn
Can we control it? 
Having Eddi playing beautiful Robert Burn lyrics in my head is a joy.
Apparently even Bob Dylan, when asked the source of his greatest creative inspiration, cited Burns' 1794 song A Red, Red Rose, as the lyrics that have had the biggest effect on his life.

On the other hand having Dougal and Ted singing in one’s head, much as one might love them, is a horror.

The last time a voice got stuck in my head, before Eddi, was in January when I interviewed Clara Rose on this blog. 
Her song, Wallflower Waltz, is my other favourite song.

I imagine either song could be the perfect antidote for the horrors.

 Wallflower Waltz -  gentle, layered, fragile yet strong, measured, lyrically beautiful, modern…

A Red, Red Rose - ancient, perfect, indescribable….

I want to know what you think?

And to sincerely thank my muses Clara Rose, Eddi Reader and Robert Burns.

PS    Careful now.  Do NOT Google My Lovely Horse.