Sunday, 17 September 2017

Dear Mick

I wrote to you in July and promised to post my third and more complex film project for your patient attention.

I also wish to appeal to you, as a good Galway man and neighbour, with a special request. 
Is there any chance you could put in a good word for Mayo? 
I’m writing this before the match and I’m not sure I’ll be able to bear to watch it. 

As you are well aware Mayo has not won an All-Ireland title since 1951.

I know you don’t believe in curses, so if you would consider gathering with all the other formidable wise men and crones from Connaught that have gone before us -to 'cuir bua ar ├ír mbealach'- we need a bit of waxing down here after all that waning.

Sincerely yours C

PS - and if you care to watch ‘Croneship’  - which is of a duration of 1.34 minutes, you will find it by clicking the link right HERE.