Sunday, 1 November 2015

Write Something Every Monday for November

Inspired by National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) @TheTrionaWalsh and myself have decided to meet in the Orchard Café and Write Something Every Monday for November.

We will set a timer. We will write randomly for 15 minutes.  Then we will do a quick edit and blog the result.

Here is my first attempt:

Coffee is a good start to writing something. Sit still for a moment with my coffee – put my two feet on the ground - feel contact with the earth - just for a moment. My feet will very likely end up round my neck as I tackle the words but that's okay. So to start - a coffee – a blank page - a pen – feet on the ground. What happens? Something always happens. First it's contrived - I'm doing an exercise, it had better be good, smart, witty, quick......

But then I spy a woman in a pink baseball cap balancing two lattés on a tray. An older woman, leaning heavily on a stick, follows carefully behind her. The baseball-hatted woman puts the latte’s down on a nearby table and pulls out a chair for her companion.

The older woman takes a while to sit - takes ages in fact. Finally her stick is positioned safely under the table. She straightens her back and gazes serenely at the lattés. Her hatted companion has taken a call on her mobile - she is pacing to fro nearby – she looks agitated. She can't hear properly so she goes outside. She marches backwards and forwards in the garden talking furiously.

The older woman’s eyes never leaves the lattés. The froth has subsided on both. She strokes the glass of the one nearest her with her finger. I know she won't raise it to her lips until her companion returns.

Outside the hatted lady’s face is flushed. She paces among the Halloween Ghouls oblivious of their presence. (250)


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